Sunday, March 20, 2011

So i went to NY this past weekend. Cupcake, Getting Nails Done, A picture of a poodle were some of the few things i got up to . . . .

Hi Everyone, just got back from NY and must say i had a lovely time there. The weather wasn't too bad as well so i must say am a "happy camper". While i was in the new york i got to do so many things, however these were just some of the fun things that i got up to. I went to the famous BAKE CRUMBS SHOP because i have heard so much about it. I love cupcakes so i tried the Vanilla Cupcake. Wasn't in the mood to experiment with other cupcake flavors. I must say it is very scrumptious and filling. Will definately go back there again and also try a different flavor.

I also got the chance to get my nails done. Didn't have the time to get my nails done before leaving to new york. Went to the a nail place known as ARIES in Midtown New York. The ambience is so modern, chic and spotless. I saw a variety of nail polishes. But this Blue color by OPI (what's up with the cattitude?) caught my attention. So i decided to try it. I absolutely love it. It came out quite nice, don't you think? ;-) So for all the dark skin sister's out there you know that this color would definately fit you.
Every now and then i would post a nail polish or make up product that i feel would look best on us dark sisters. Am sure you ladies know what am talking about ;-)

Finally i saw a cute poodle in the elevator and i couldn't resist but to take a picture of it.

These are just some of the hightlights from my weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend?

Wishing you all a great and blessed week ahead.


  1. This looks just like something I would expect oyin adenuga to have. Looking good!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog,( i am a blogger too) and i must say you are one down to earth woman.
    What you are doing is amazing!
    hope you are enjoying your week.